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*Six days after the trip to Seattle, it was another road trip to Victoria.
but it would be fancy footwork and jabs at the Club Tango not a
slow waltz or the fox trot March 29, 1968.

Along the way, for a time, Freddy belonged to some of the best boxing clubs in
BRITISH COLUMBIA including the Burnaby Boxing, East Vancouver Optimists Boxing,
Northwest Eagles and Vancouver Firefighters Boxing Club. It was in January 1968,
when Freddy fought for the first time with the red and white in the corner with
the Firefighters coaches in a club show and for me it was my second after joining
the Firefighers in September. And, I don't remember the exact date when Freddy
shiftedd from the North West Eagles to the Firefighters.

But others were also on the move in this game of musical chairs in September 1967
to January 1968. Frank Scott shifted from Burnaby to train at the Firefighters.
Dick Findlay left the Firefighters to train at the East Vancouver Optimists.
Les Vegas left Victoria's London Boxing Club to train with Findlay at the EVO
while Bill Taylor shifted from the London Boxing Club to Astoria, and I left Nanaimo's Newcastle Boxing Club to join Freddy, Frank on the move to train with the likes of
Dave Wylie, Nicky MacDonald, John Carr, John Gamble and others in what was to be one wild ride of club shows and tournaments in the Olympic year.

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From 1963 to 1970, Fuller was
one of the best BC Boxers to
compete in British Columbia
and other places including
Seattle and Edmonton, Alberta.
And, was one of the boxers in
demand at the Seattle Golden Gloves.

In the photo about the 1968
Seattle Golden Gloves and
Pacific Northwest AAU
Championships it mentions
the 18 other BC boxers but
at the end of the two day
tournament FULLER won the day.

From the 1963 and 1965 headlines, it was only the beginning
but Vancouver's FREDDY FULLER proved his worth and walked
the "Road of Excellence" as the Jr. BC Golden Boy in 1963
and was named open senior BC GOLDEN BOY in 1965 and
cemented the special recognition from an outstanding victory
over the experienced veteran BUDDY PALMER in '65.
But, that was only the beginning as action would continue into 1970
when he appeared and won in the 1970 BC Golden Gloves which was
for the first time hosted by the British Columbia Amateur Boxing
Association (now called BOXING BC)

FREDDY FULLER's - Junior Years along the boxing beat

The action never stopped and the trophies and tournaments kept piling-up .

One of the alumni of various clubs including the Firefighters:

FREDDY FULLER, Introduction

FREDDY STEPHEN FULLER-Introduction: By Brian W.Zelley, B.Comm,CA

During my days of amateur boxing in British Columbia from 1963, I had the opportunity to
belong to the same boxing club as Freddy Fuller and some other outastanding boxers such as
FRANK SCOTT and DAVE WYLIE, and so many more. Beyond those years of boxing competition for
Freddy Fuller, Frank Scott, Dave Wylie, Brian Zelley and many more, I have seen many other fine
young BC boxers and other boxers from Canada and the USA. AS I attempt to pick the best of the best
from British Columbia two names stand tall from my eyes and experiences from the Sixties - FULLER and SCOTT.

In the Seventies there would be many new stars from BC such as CHRIS IUS, LES HAMILTON, DAVID IUS,
JOE COOKE and many others, but in 1970 at the beginning of the decade two veterans that were
the key boxing leaders of excellence include Freddy Fuller and Frank Scott.

As we flash through the history of amateur boxing during the Sixties, one of the active and top amateur boxers
was FREDDY STEPHEN FULLER, who was primarily a Greater Vancouver boxer who would travel far and wide
in numerous club shows and tournaments that began in the Fifties when Fuller was just a junior boxer from
the Burnaby Boxing Club coached by the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame coach HARRY TWIST and assisted by former boxer JOHNNY PHILLIPS

Of the many tournaments, a key achievement was Freddy being part of Canada's Pan Am Games team in 1967..
Five others in the finals - Dick Findlay, Derek Austin, Brian Zelley, Dave Wylie, Billy Taylor.

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